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Quality Control

In Shanin Group, we have a complete internal quality policy and we strictly maintain quality standard accordingly as well as customers requirement.

We have 2 quality teams.

a ) Factory internal / own quality team which is contr5olled / guided by the factory in charge. This team is headed by a quality manager, one QC and 6 pi per line. They do 100% inspection at the end of the production line and again after ironing in the finishing section. They inspect 100% work piece in the cutting section. They always keep very hour record and ensure quality and styling as per buyers sealed sample and head office approval samples.

b ) Head office / buying team : This team is controlled / guided by ED / Head of QC manager . This team is comprising with several QC manager / dp managers / asst managers and per factory at least 2/3 qcs. Our QC managers give internal approval based on sealed / pp samples and comments. Then they hold a pp meeting with the factory qc team and the factory management. The qc manager and the qc on duty in the factory conduct every hour lot inspection and at the end of the day in the inspection and provide the report copy to head office and factory management. Before inviting the final inspection they conduct pre final inspection as per 2.5 AQL and if passed only then we offer for final inspection to the customer. Beside this the team conduct the self / own final inspection.

c ) We follow 2.5 AQL generally and if required 1.5 AQL.

d ) We have needle policy for broken needle as per UK buyer’s standard. We keep the record for the same.

e ) We have metal detector for metal free product & keeping record.

f ) We do a trial cut about 100 pcs before starting the bulk production.

g ) We have generator facility for our all production units & capacity to supply power about 24 hours at a stretch.




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